10 Ways to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t

People make mistakes. These words echo in the minds of those who understand it most. What do you do when a mistake takes over every emotion in your body? What do you do when you feel far away from yourself?

For starters, you need to take the time to feel some type of way & not push yourself to do anything.

What do I mean by that? Take time to reflect on the feelings brewing inside. Accept your emotions as a step towards working through them.

When the time has passed for reflection, pick yourself up & take action. This is when you can begin to move in a direction envisioned for yourself.

Remember, there is no one ‘right’ way or path for your life.

Here are the top 10 things I do to stop feeling like complete sh*t.

1) Cook New Bites

Browsing Pinterest puts me in a better mood. I often explore recipes. Then when I need a pick-me-up, I try my hand in some of the recipes I have pinned.

I took inspiration from what I’ve found on Pinterest & created a recipe that is all my own.

If you haven’t already, check out my creation with the link below:

Coconut Gravy with Almond Biscuits

2) Buy Yourself Flowers

There is a special place in my heart for Sunflowers. I remember when I was little my mom & I would gather them for the house. Sunflowers are the only flower I remember my Dad enjoying. When he was in the hospital my sister & I wanted to add some light to his room. He chuckled when we mentioned bringing him sunflowers.

Now that he is no longer with us I like to keep Sunflowers around the house. They make me feel close to him.

So, whether the flowers are real, fake, alive, cut, picked, fresh, or dried creating a bouquet for yourself can boost the mood in your home & your life.

3) Vision Board Manifesto

I am a vision board devotee. I’ve had the same one for a little over a year now. After moving to Colorado & shifting my life a bit I thought, “when would be a better time to create new visions?”

I usually search out the photos I want online & print them specifically for the board. Some people cut out images from old magazines. This also works great.

Creating something similar to my board is one option. Another is to set intentions & write them down. I talk more about this further on in the post.

In the end, there is no right way to set your goals just as long as you set them.

4) Home Spa Night

My home spa night included a full skincare routine & bubble bath. I have lots of products for nights like these, but another thing you could do to add to the fun is to check out new products. Buy yourself a new face mask or deep conditioner. Make it your night & do it your way.

5) Explore New Territory

Lucky for me, I have only been in Colorado for a few weeks so exploring new territory was simple. I felt the need to get out & discover what makes Colorado such a beautiful state.

Hiking: Arapaho National Forest

Consider stepping out of your comfort zone. It may sound like a cliche, but sometimes pushing yourself to another level is just the boost your self-esteem needs in times of disarray.

6) Speak to the People You Love Most

Get connected with the people that mean the most to you, inspire you, & motivate you.

This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give.

Sometimes it’s difficult to speak with people when you are feeling low. I understand that aspect of things. However, whether you talk about issues that are going on or you just speak about day-to-day life, it is better for your sanity to stay connected.

7) Sage that Sh*t

This may sound corny but honestly sage can be therapeutic. I found this nifty little smudge prayer on Pinterest (of course). Which I used when smudging my home.

You may consider combining a meditation practice or yoga session with the smudging to enhance the experience.

8) Create a New Workout Schedule or Incorporate a Plan for Your Goals

I get bored with my workouts – a pretty universal occurrence.

When I add new workouts, choose another wellness objective, or switch the days I perform certain activities, I become excited to hit the gym once again.

Creating new schedules ties in with my love for setting goals & planning.

I’m a sucker for cute quotes, inspirational covers, & empowering girly designs. There is something to be said for picking out a notebook or planner that feels especially yours. I have my go-to favorites to jot down messages & plans. Things like this help to clear my head & create a vision of what I’m working towards.

A Little Something For Everyone

Even if creating a new workout schedule isn’t within your realm of interest participating in some sort of planning ritual is beneficial.

  • Pick an important goal to achieve
  • Write down your intent
  • Make a list of tasks to accomplish working-up to that final goal
  • Put tasks down on a calendar
  • Build a time frame for when your goal will be accomplished
  • Be f*cking proud of yourself

I highly suggest incorporating (at the least) one of these strategies into your life. Especially when you find yourself in a funk.

9) Watch feel good flicks

I’m a Dateline, Law & Order, Tarantino flick type chick. However, it is sometimes necessary to avoid the dark & gloomy.

Here are my absolute favorite flicks for when I want to raise my mood.

10) Thrift Shop Hoppin’

Talk about retail therapy on a budget! Thrift shop hoppin’ is great because even if you’re strapped for cash you can find treasures for less than $10.

We recently moved into our own apartment & we are working to make it feel like home. I would say at this point 80 percent of our decor is from Goodwill & other thrift shops. It’s actually become almost an objective of mine to decorate our home in thrift shop finds.

Hmmm… I possibly see an apartment reveal post in the future.

“No amount of guilt will change the past & no amount of anxiety will change the future.”

umar ibn khattab

Remember, no one is perfect. Your life will be a constant fluctuation of positive & negative. I hope some of these tips help you when your in a funky place.

Be kind to yourself.

Until next time,


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