Weekend Getaway: Austin, Texas

Our time in Austin, Texas was everything I could have asked for in a mini vacation. We stayed a total of 2-days & 3-nights. I provided my itinerary exactly how the days unfolded for us. Feel free to steal in its entirety or pick & choose as they fit your interests. Whichever way you choose to plan, I am sure you will fall in love with the true charms that only a city like Austin can provide. Each activity has a link to the websites for more info.

Yoga & Goga

Wow, wow, wow. What an experience. Baby goats are enough to turn even the worst days around. We drove in from Houston and this was our first activity on the days must do list. In fact, the entire trip shifted to us leaving Florida a day early in order for me to cross this off my bucket list. Let me tell you, absolutely worth it. If I could generate my own bucket list for every human (future blog idea? Maybe.) Goga is top of the list.

The yoga itself was relaxing and definitely suited for all levels – including those who’ve never practiced yoga a day in their lives.

Next Level Burger

After Goga we were definitely ready to grab some Next Level Burgers.

Health Nugget: Ginseng (those little strange vials in the photo above) is an antioxidant for the body. Promoting immune system health, reducing inflammation, supporting brain functions, & energy. So have a shot!

The Family Business Beer Company

We topped off the night with another bucket list item, The Family Business Beer Company. For those unfamiliar the brewery is family owned. Shout out to my fellow Supernatural fans! One of the owners is Jensen Ackles (that’s right, Mr. Dean Winchester).

We actually ordered flights and tried all of the beers on tap. So yummy! If you have the time I highly recommend doing that. There are board games & live music to keep you entertained. The property is beautiful, equipped with a jungle gym if you have kiddos & plenty of seating.

The food truck located onsite, Jeps Southern Roots, has delicious treats. We ordered grilled cheese & salad but there are plenty of other items on the menu.

All things aside this place is so rich in family vibes, scrumptious brews & rustic charm I am tempted to pack my bags & settle in Austin just to become a regular.

Civil Goat Roastery

A true gem. We purchased food and coffee; enjoyed them on the patio with Butters (the Civil Goat Roastery’s goat). We also ordered cold brews to go (which are made to order and canned in house).

Exploring South Congress

The rest of our day was spent exploring downtown Austin. Stopping in a Bodega, checking out a toy Museum, and exploring plenty of other shops along South Congress.

Street art in Austin is a must to explore. We skipped out on the famous “P.S I Love You” wall (mainly to avoid the unbelievably long line) but we enjoyed some of the others.

If you’re there on the right day you can find great treasures from local flea markets

Before ending our city stroll we grabbed a snack from Moontower Saloon. There was live music and plenty of space outside to sit.

We ended our night with a Trader Joe’s haul and enjoyed a quiet dinner on the patio of our Airbnb. This was a real treat because at the time we lived in Hawai’i where there are no Trader Joe’s.

If Trader Joes isn’t your thing Austin has a reputation for being a foodie city.

This was my bucket list Austin trip. I hope my recommendations help to create your perfect Austin trip.

Until next time,


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