Some things I probably should have learned in geography class but didn’t learn until I created this page – Oceania is a region throughout the Central and South Pacific made up of thousands of islands. Yes, Australia is a part of Oceania despite it being its own country and a continent. My collection of Oceana travel guides, currently centered around Australia and New Zealand, will assist you in creating your ultimate getaway! As always, my travel guides don’t just include the “how to get there” and “things to do”, but an infusion of culture, history, and ecology of the locations I visit. There are some things I leave for visitors to discover on their own, but I believe learning (even the slightest bit more) about an area before you go can heighten your experiences. Happy travels!


Perfect 3-Days in Sydney

I always knew that I wanted to travel, although the feeling exists within me as more of a need, a meaning to my life.

This trip to Sydney was the very first I took outside of the United States; but for me, it was so much more than that…

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