The Anywhere Workout

I am so stoked to be bringing a double first – first YouTube video of Chickpeameatball & the first official workout video of my life!

I think I’m probably my own worst critic. So, editing took more time than was probably necessary. The process has given me a newfound appreciation for YouTubers. It should be noted that no blood was shed during the making of the video… but double the tears & sweat went into the editing.

Would you believe me if I said I loved every second of creating it? Okay, good because that’s a fat lie. I didn’t love the part when my voice over recordings were suddenly deleted & I had to record them over again, but Ehhhh… it’s all apart of the learning process.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Your feedback keeps ideas thriving so leave me a comment or shoot me a message & tell me what you would like to see next.

Download the routine below:

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