Bucket Listing

I am a crazy list maker. That’s just a fact of my A-type, very Virgo personality. So naturally, I love Bucket Listing! I create bucket (or goal) lists for destinations, timeframes (6 months, 1-year, 5-years, lifelong…) you name it, I list it. And here is the page where we can partake in all the bucket list glories that I have culminated.

Bucket Listing Denver, Colorado

Are you looking for a concise list of the most iconic and memorable places to visit and experience in Denver? Well, you came to the right blog. Traditionally, I base my bucket lists on my lived experiences from popular destinations, but I made this list with more personal interests. While as you’ll see, I have…

Costa Rica Travel Guide | Build Your Bucket List

Buckle up… this is perhaps one of the longest travel posts that I have ever done. It has taken me far longer to get this out than I would like to admit, but I was committed, and the commitment paid off! Please enjoy the fruits of my labor (and joy) in today’s Costa Rica Travel…

Favorite Things to Do in the Pacific Northwest

‘Tis the season for reflecting on our adventures and creating bucket lists for future experiences. To help you build your PNW bucket list I’m sharing my Favorite Things to Do in the Pacific Northwest. This is not your typical things to do guide, but instead a more personal reflective guide. Enjoy! Spot a Slug &…


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