My Unlimited Life | 100 Bucket List Ideas for Your Travel & Goals

It wasn’t long ago that I wondered to myself, are there things I want to do before I die? and could come up with only one. Around that time, I struggled in many ways; an abusive relationship and the overwhelming darkness that is depression.

It was surprising to me, even then, how little I could see past my current circumstances – how even if I thought really hard, I couldn’t come up with things I wanted out of life because I didn’t see these things as true possibilities. Almost like a barrier to the mind, I was stuck with the sense that it would never happen; I couldn’t even craft my wildest dreams; that is how far I was from myself.

It has taken a lot of growth, ups, downs, and lessons I didn’t want (but life seemed to want me to have) to get where I am today. Even now, things are not perfect – nothing ever really is, but after years of struggling, I have finally come to a place where I see past the barriers (most days).

To me, life is anything and everything you want it to be.

In light of that, I decided to reevaluate that 1-item bucket list from many years ago. So, this is my “unlimited life” – 100 things I would like to experience, eat, and in general, life goals I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket.

What would you do if the thought of money wasn’t a roadblock? If you didn’t care what people thought or how long it would take you to get it?

I hope that some of my list inspires you to create a list of your very own.

1. Buy our first home

2. Walk Hadrian’s Wall

3. Conquer the Pacific Crest Trail Alone | Read my Pacific Crest Trail Journals

4. See Eminem perform live

5. Attend Farm Sanctuary celebration for the Turkeys on Thanksgiving

6. Visit Puffins in Iceland

7. Write a successful novel (or 10)

8. Have an ultimate Harry Potter weekend in London

9. Attend a Goga (Goat Yoga) class

10. Visit every state in the US

11. Run a half marathon

12. Run a full marathon | From Starter to Finisher: Lessons Learned from Running My First Marathon + Resources for Yours

13.  Eat breakfast with giraffes in Kenya

14. Read all “100 Books Everyone Should Read Before They Die”

15. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail (again)

16. Obtain my bachelors degree

17. Obtain my masters degree

18. Visit Ireland | Ireland & Scotland Travel Guides

19. Hike the Cliffs of Moher

20. Own an El Camino

21. Stay the night at The Swan House in Oregon

22. Hike in Zion National Park

23. Eat at Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas

24. Go to New York City

25. Purchase an RV or make a cute van house

26. Pet a Highland Cow

27. Learn how to play one song on the guitar

28. Have a cabin in the woods writing retreat

29. Be involved with an animal sanctuary ❤️

30. Hike Mt Katahdin with Aaron

31. Balcony breakfast in Santorini

32. Visit a castle in Scotland

33. Meet Genevieve Padalecki

34. Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon Iceland

35. Backpack in the Rocky Mountain National Park

36. Swim with a whale shark

37. Explore Hobbiton in New Zealand

38. Go to Comic Con dressed in costume

39. Take part in environmental conservation projects

40. Trek Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

41. Own my very own rescue farm

42. Stay at a fancy resort in Mexico

43. Walk the steps of the Sydney Opera House

44. Wake up to see the sunrise every day for a month

45. Take a cooking class in Italy

46. See the lavender fields of Provence

47. Attend a music festival with my husband

48. Take a pottery class and make my own dish set

49. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge

50. Hike the Na Pali Coast, Kalalau Trail

51. See a play on Broadway

52. Establish myself as a writer

53. Night dive with Manta Rays on the Big Island

54. Mount Batur sunrise hike in Bali

55. Attend a yoga retreat

100 Bucket List Ideas
Costa Rica Wellness Retreat 2021

56. Take a dancing class

57. Grow and maintain a healthy vegetable garden

58. Spot the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland

59. Ghost tour of Edinburgh, Scotland at night

60. Fill a gratitude journal

61. Wonder the street markets of Amsterdam

62. Complete the family collection of poetry

63. Tour the National Mall in Washington D.C | Exploring the Nation’s Capital: 3-Day Itinerary for Washington D.C.

64. Take a boxing class (or two)

65. Learn self-defense

65. Find a Banana Slug in the Redwood forests of California

66. Visit all of Forbes Top Six World’s Most Beautiful Libraries

67. See the fall leaves in New England

68. Sleep under the stars | Thank you PCT!

69. Be a tourist in Greece

70. Visit a Christmas Market in Germany

71. Take the Polar Plunge

72. Yoga certified

73. Sleep on a boat

74. Spend two weeks in Paris

75. Buy a book from Shakespeare Company Bookshop

76. Sleep in a Yurt

77. Visit the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens (Jardim Botânico)

78. Participate in a charity run

79. Volunteer work in Sri Lanka

80. Explore temples in Thailand

81. Take a train ride across the U.S

82. Have a Jim & Pam moment at Niagara Falls

83. Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park

84. Host a three-course vegetarian dinner party

85. Build a piece of furniture on my own

86. Deadlift twice my weight

87. Hike my top 15 Trails of the U.S

88. Stay the night in the Beatles Suite in Downton Denver

89. Take a walking tour in Savanah Georgia

90. Go to a “Dining in the Dark” dinner

91. Run a Spartan Race

100 Bucket List Ideas

92. Live in another country for a year

93. Lead a major project to a successful completion

94. Take an archery class

95. Scuba dive

96. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

97. Learn a new language

98. Tour the Glowworm Caves of Waitomo, New Zealand

100 Bucket List Ideas

99. Go a year without purchasing anything new

100. Conquer one of my biggest fears – skydiving

I’ve shared my bucket list with you, now you share yours with me.

  1. What is the number 1 thing on your bucket list?
  2. Is travel important to you? If so, what are your top 3 bucket list destinations?
  3. Do we have any common bucket list goals?

100 Bucket List Ideas
100 Bucket List Ideas
100 Bucket List Ideas
100 Bucket List Ideas

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