10 Binge-Listen Books & Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip

Podcasts and Audiobooks can make a great travel companion. They have so much to offer you; whether you choose informative and educational, or positive and inspiring, one thing cant be argued: when you find the right listen, they are completely entertaining.

So, if you are traveling for the holidays or are just kickin’ back at home, these podcasts and audiobooks are sure to be something to enjoy.

Podcast Picks

1. Smartless with Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman, & Will Arnett

With a hilarious combo of Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman, & Will Arnett, you are sure to laugh with this one. Each episode, a new guest is chosen by one of the three hosts – the other two don’t know who the guest will be. My favorite interviews have been with Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, and Jennifer Aniston. I’m telling you, these guys will bring a smile to your face.

2. In Bed with Nick & Megan

Show hosts Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec) and Megan Mullally (Karen Walker from Will & Grace) have been together for over 20 years. Since listening to their book (recommended below) I have become quite obsessed with them.

Their podcasts takes listeners directly into their bed… really, that’s where they record the episodes. Each episode includes random discussion with guest stars like Jamie Lee Curtis, Rashida Jones, and Alec Baldwin. There is so much to love about Nick and Megan, I’m sure this will be a podcast you fall for too.

3. The Bobby Bones Show

Radio show turned podcast option – four goofy friends with their very own unique personalities bring a plethora of positivity, humor, games, and stuff-you-should-know to your ears. This podcast option is one of the best picks for a long drive.

4. Anatomy of Murder

This is a newer podcast, but it has quickly become my go-to true crime podcast! The facts surrounding the cases are presented in a non-bias or overly opinionated way (like you get with some other true-crime podcast).

5. Green Dreamer Podcast

Looking for something a little more holistic, eco-driven, and sustainable living motivated – Green Dreamer is the podcast for you. Host Kamea Chayne features conversations with various guests focusing on empowering stories of restoration, regeneration, and resilience in a time when our planet and humans need it most.

Audiobooks to Love

1. Becoming by Michele Obama

I’m sure there are a few who haven’t heard of Michele Obama’s book Becoming. We listened to Mrs. Obama share her story through Audible while driving to Lake Powell.

Becoming is emotionally captivating, impeccably written, recount of Michele Obamas life. You will cry happy tears, you will cry sad tears. I was struck by how relatable aspects of her story were. Everyone should listen to this book.

2. Idiot by Laura Clery

Through comedy and transparency, Laura Clery paints “an honest, complicated portrait of how your life can change” (SheKnows). This book is the definition of binge-listen material – I couldn’t stop once I started. Hands down one of my favorite books of 2020.

3. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told by Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman

This book will make you evaluate all the love you have in your life – spousal, friendships, the love you have for yourself, it’s all on the table. Nick and Megan share their ideas through experience on what makes life special; appreciation for life; and ways to look beyond the small things.

4. Eat a Peach by David Chang

A memoir by Chef David Chang – this book has been noted for its captivating nature, its no-holds-barred recount of life in the culinary industry, and an overall embrace of the creative spirit.

5. One Life by Megan Rapinoe

“Megan Rapinoe, Olympic gold medalist and two-time Women’s World Cup champion, has become a galvanizing force for social change; here, she urges all of us to take up the mantle, with actions big and small, to continue the fight for justice and equality” (GoodReads).

With such an array of options, I hope you find one to enjoy!

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below on some of your favorite podcasts or audiobooks from 2020.

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  1. Great primer! I have always loved reading books, but with upcoming travel plans, listening to audio is a perfect alternative. The only audio book I’ve ever listened to, was 2-decades ago; “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. That one was pretty good. I’ll try some of these that you recommend, thank you.

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