6 Audiobooks to Binge While You Purge, Clean, Renovate, & Move your Life Across the Ocean

I toyed with the title of this post – rather long, isn’t it? But, just right for precisely what this is; a collection of audiobooks that I found perfect for purging, aka Marie Kondo-ing (yes, a verb in my vocabulary), my entire house, and distracting my mind from pre-move jitters.

From (royal)family dramas to fabulous fiction, I’ve collected a diverse selection of audiobooks to help you clear out all the clutter and make the tedious a little more enjoyable. These audiobooks kept me company while we tackled everything that comes with moving your life across the ocean – from a mini-reno on our master bath (renter prep), relinquishing some of the clutter we’d acquired over the years, packing suitcases, a 14-hour car ride, and everything in-between.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

My favorite book of 2023 (thus far).

What I liked about this novel…

The story follows a Hollywood icon and her life of secrets, scandal, and glamour that she has kept hidden from the public for decades. With a weaving plotline and lots of interesting characters, this novel kept Greg and me hooked, everything you want from fiction. I loved, loved, loved this read.

Final thoughts…

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo makes for an excellent listen. With sections read by 3-different voices, the audiobook brings Evelyn’s story to life in a dramatic and captivating way. We listened to this while driving from Colorado to California and were transfixed. The story is unique, with the perfect hook to keep you listening.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good Hollywood gossip session? This audiobook is perfect for anyone who wants to escape into the glamorous world of fame and fortune.

Audiobooks Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Spare by Prince Harry

Never in my life did I think I would read/listen to this book. I haven’t been one to follow the royal family. I wasn’t one of many millions who watched the royal weddings or followed the monthly chatters and gossip of happenings on palace grounds.

However, while visiting one of my best friends in Washington, her mom suggested we watch “Live to Lead” – an outstanding and inspiring docuseries centered on people from around the world who dared to make a difference despite adversity, hardships, and in some cases, violence. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry, and Meghan, present the series. We watched the series, aw inspired by the stories of these real-life heroes. Although the series was not about the royal couple, it did pique my intrigue regarding their new docuseries (“Harry and Meghan,” like the former, is also available on Netflix). So we dove in. Long story short, the series intrigued me enough to listen to Prince Harry’s book.

The book itself is a relatively detailed account of his life thus far. Nevertheless, I found some moments dull, probably because I’d only recently gained interest in his life. I can see how this novel would be more enjoyable for long-time spectators of the royal family. That’s not to say I didn’t like the book. I liked it quite a bit, actually.

What I liked about this novel…

Audiobooks Spare by Prince Harry

It was interesting to see the thoughtful and justified charge on the media. Prince Harry particularly focuses on the media’s irrevocable damage and savage behavior throughout the years on himself, his wife, and perhaps more famously known, his mother, Princess Diana, who (spoiler alert) was killed in a car crash while attempting to flee paparazzi. Prince Harry’s account of his mother’s death and all thereafter is devastating.

The book is heartbreaking and beautiful. For those willing to listen, you’ll find significant commentary on the value and trust we place in the hands of media platforms; across all boards, not just regarding the royal family.

Final thoughts…

The Duke and Duchess have the power and the platform to make a difference. I hope their passionate words align with their actions and they continue to do amazing things. I know this book isn’t for everyone. However, Spare is an excellent pick for this list. I actually listened while renovating the bathroom, and the time flew by. Plus, we always love audiobooks with a good voice, and I mean… could you ask better than Prince Harry.

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

This book is proof that science can also be poetry.

What I liked about this novel…

Lessons in Chemistry is a beautifully written novel that follows protagonist Chemist Elizabeth Zott as she struggles to navigate her career path (a scientist in the 1950s) and conflicting romantic life. It’s an often melancholy exploration of womanhood, oppression, love, and – of course – chemistry (both literal and metaphorical). Yet, with a perfect blend of wit, charm, and insight, Lessons in Chemistry is an uplifting story, complex in its somber tone and thought-provoking (one of my favorite combinations). An audiobook listener’s delight.

Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey

What a gem!

What I liked about this novel…

What a gem! Really Good, Actually by Monica Heisey is a hilarious detailing of one fictional character’s experience with divorce and all the things that come with the unwanted end of a relationship. The novel is an endless flow of wit and comedic one-liners with serious undertones, making it relatable. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a refreshingly honest perspective on life interlaced with fiction.

Final thoughts…

Really Good, Actually is uniquely funny and engaging. Punny pokes at modern-day self-care practices, and you may find yourself thinking, I’ve been there… or I’ve felt that… Anyone who’s ever experienced the end of a relationship can relate.

Audiobooks Really Good, Actually

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers is a romantic comedy that pokes fun at itself.

Recently, I learned I love listening to romantic comedies. For some reason, I can’t get into romantic comedy books when I’m actually reading them, but listening is a different story (pun intended).

What I liked about this novel…

Nora is a cutthroat literary agent with a passion for books – her character is amusing – a self-proclaimed anti-heroine. I found her to be easily liked. I enjoyed the complex relationship dynamics; it made conflicts engaging, and while this is undoubtedly a Hallmark-esc book, sometimes that’s all you need when stress levels are high.

Final thoughts…

If you’re a fan of romantic comedy books, you’ll like this listen. It’s funny and sweet. Plus, it’s a great way to pass the time while doing all the things. So if you’re looking for something light-hearted and a little cheesy, give Book Lovers a listen.

Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen

Where Spare was serious, Counterfeit was the counterpart. This novel was a Genevieve Padalecki book club pick a few months back that took me a few months to listen. Definitely not my favorite fiction novel, but the story was interesting enough to keep me entertained while I finished painting bathroom cabinets.

What I liked about this novel…

Counterfeit does the job of what fiction should – it pulls you out of this world and into another. The novel follows Ava as the normally law-abiding woman embarks on a sketchy journey into the counterfeit hand business with her college friend Winnie. I enjoyed the satirical commentary on consumerism. As well as the interlaced fact and fiction behind culture and social norms around luxury brands.

What I didn’t like about this novel…

If you’re waiting for the twist, don’t, it’s not that kind of book. The predictability and waiting for the other shoe to drop (which never did) was probably why I didn’t love the story. But, while I felt that was a missed opportunity, I can still find some entertainment in what the story is; a fiction novel about women who begin a counterfeiting designer handbags “business.” An easy listen for when you’re busy doing other things.

Audiobook Counterfeit

  1. What are your top 3 favorite audiobooks?
  2. Do you prefer audiobooks where the author reads their own words?
  3. Although this listen is primarily fiction, I gravitate more toward non-fiction audiobooks… what do you prefer?

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