20 Books That Will Make Great Gifts

I have spent this past year really enjoying books! I look around at all of these fantastic authors and the plethora of books stacking up on my reading list and think how crazy it is I didn’t join this book-loving community sooner; but in any case, I’m here now and I’m sharing books (of ALL types) that will make excellent gifts this year.

Supernatural lover, I got ’em covered…

Travel junkie, not a problem…

Pawrents, obviously…

Poetry addict, yup them too…

Seriously, there is something for everyone in this collection. Check it out!

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Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

For everyone…

This book is an excellent way to expand beyond our own obstacles; get a look into, and relate with, other women. A better way to understand the constant saying we all have hidden struggles, we all have passion, seek pleasure, and know pain; to learn to be more compassionate, forgiving, and loving to one another. Such a great read!

The author has a voice, a way of telling stories, that I crave in every book I pick up.
There were parts that made me cry, filled me with anger, and made me grapple with my own relationships (in both positive and negative forms).

World of Wonders: In Praise of Fireflies, Whale Sharks, and Other Astonishments by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

For the natural world explorers…

“A debut work of nonfiction–a collection of essays about the natural world, and the way its inhabitants can teach, support, and inspire us” – GoodReads

Where to Begin by Cleo Wade

For your tree huggers & positive thinkers…

Where to Begin is a collection of ideas, poems, and mantras from author Cleo Wade. Perfect for the readers seeking positive messages of love and acceptance – encouraging small change in a big world.

Linda McCartney Life In Photographs

For your photographers…

I first encountered Linda McCartney’s photography, the late wife of The Beatles legend Paul McCartney, during our Glasgow trip.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum had Linda McCartney’s exhibit open during our trip – it was pure luck! A little trip magic… the things you don’t plan, but that just come together.

I am (and have been for many years) a huge fan of The Beatles and photography. So the culmination of the two was perfect. Her photography is captivating and will make the perfect gift for anyone.

I would Leave Me If I Could by Halsey

For your poetry lovers…

Grammy Award–nominated, platinum-selling musician Halsey debuts her first collection of poetry not found in music.

“Halsey’s poems delve into the highs and lows of doomed relationships, family ties, sexuality, and mental illness.” -GoodReads

The Lost Spells by Robert Macfarlane

Still for your poetry lovers…

The Lost Spells evokes the wonder of everyday nature, conjuring up red foxes, birch trees, jackdaws, and more in poems and illustrations that flow between the pages and into readers’ minds.” -GoodReads

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

For your adventure seekers…

It’s no secret that Wild by Cheryl Strayed is hands down my favorite book (I have included it in previous reading recommendations).

Do you want to give a book that speaks to the adventurous soul? Speaks of healing and struggles. Finding yourself after feeling completely lost. This is it baby. Cheryl Strayed tells the story of her mothers passing and the journey to find herself on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Extraordinary Old Dogs by Laura Greaves

For the pawrents & pup-lovers…

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

For your creative minds…

From the author of Eat, Pray, Love comes a reflective glimpse into the mysterious nature of inspiration and creativity.

After reading this book I did not look at the creative world or my ideas the same again.

50 Adventures in the 50 States by Kate Siber

For your travelers…

A showcase of adventurous activities for every state!

“Be brave and set your spirit free on an exciting journey across the U.S” -GoodReads

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

For your nature enthusiasts…

Exploring the relationships between trees and their environment; how they communicate; ways they feel; and the scientific processes behind these miraculous abilities.

This book is fantastic, engaging, & informative (in a way that strays far from dull). I will never look at the forest the same way again.

Eat a Peach by David Chang

For your memoir enjoyers…

This would also be a good pick for the chefs in your life.

David Chang, restaurateur and owner of Momofuku, takes readers along on an intimate account of personal experience, what makes a chef, and how failures and triumphs can shape a person. A wonderful exploration of the creative spirit.

You Are Here: An Owners Manual for Dangerous Minds by Jenny Lawson

For the non readers…

“Part therapy, part best friend, part humor, part coloring book.” – GoodReads

Accidentally Wes Anderson by Wally Koval

For the armchair traveler…

which is most of us right now.

A visual adventure of Wes Anderson proportions, authorized by the legendary filmmaker himself: stunning photographs of real-life places that seem plucked from the just-so world of his films, presented with fascinating human stories behind each façade.” – Accidentally Wes Anderson

Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe

For your true-crime obsessed…

I have not actually read this book, but it is one that I am interested in. For those intrigued by true crime novels here is the pick this year.

Never The Less She Wore It: 50 Iconic Fashion Moments by Ann Shen

For the fashion gurus…

Celebrated illustrator and author Ann Shen shares her striking study of history’s most iconic styles, and the women who changed the world while wearing them. – Hardie Grant

Idiot by Laura Clery

For those who love humor & inspiration…

Who feel like they may have made one too many mistakes in life; but also need to laugh while they work through the junk – this is for them.

My Mom gifted this book to me and I loved ever word.

Wow, No Thank You. by Samantha Irby

For more funny business…

“Stay-up-all-night, miss-your-subway-stop, spit-out-your-beverage funny…. irresistible as a snack tray, as intimately pleasurable as an Irish goodbye.”

— Jia Tolentino

You Matter by Christian Robinson

For the younger readers…

“An anthem to self-worth that’s also about the history of life on Earth, and in 107 words somehow covers loneliness, death and rebirth.” – New York Times

& other really great options.

Supernatural: The Complete Cookbook by Julie Tremaine

For the fans of Supernatural

the so sad to see them go, but still love to eat! A complete collection of recipes inspired by the show including Dean’s Pigs ‘N A Poke and some of Sams favorite salads.

Oh, and of course, pie! and let’s be honest… we’re not over the ending so we all need some comfort pie.

With a variety of both savory and sweet treats their is something for everyone here (including vegetarians!)

Thank you for checking out my book gift guide. I worked really hard to include a little something for everyone.

I also want to say thank you if you shop through my links, by doing so you are supporting me – a small business owner and writer.

You are so unconditionally appreciated.

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