Top 15 Items On My Holiday Bucket List This Year

Need a little help getting into the Christmas spirit. Check-out some of the things on my holiday bucket list that just might help get you into the seasonal mood.

1. Send a Family Christmas Card

I’ve never done this! At least not as an adult. So, I am looking forward to sending out cards this year.

2. Attempt to Bake Classic Gingerbread Men

I have declared this many times, but I will say it once more – my baking skills are just about non-existent (anyone remember by homemade biscuit blog?). Anyway, I will drag my sister (and possibly you all) in on this endeavor.

3. Make Kits for Those In need (or find other ways to give back)

4. Make a Christmas Playlist

At some point in the year, when Micheal Bublés It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas plays for the 20th time during the dead-heat of summer, I decide to delete the previous years playlist from my library. Tis the time to start a new one.

5. Holiday Manicure… but at home

6. Go to a Christmas Drive-In Movie

If your town doesn’t offer drive-in movies, have a living-room-fort party with a Christmas movie marathon instead. We did this during the COVID lockdown with a Harry Potter marathon; equipped with themed snack and all.

7. Read a Holiday Themed Book

If you haven’t figured it out yet… I love Christmas, and with that love comes pure, never-ending enjoyment for Christmas movies. However, this year I have been doing a lot more “fun” reading. So, I thought it might be nice to add a holiday themed book into the mix. I have my eye on One Day in December by Josie Silver – a #1 New York Times Bestseller & all around heartwarming love story. Just the kind you need during the holidays.

8. Drive Around Looking at Decorations & Lights

We have done this every year since I was little. In Arizona we could walk around the block looking at lights in the winter. Here in Colorado it’s a little too cold for that; but hey! It’s 2020 and things are just a bit different. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is the perfect way to feel festive while staying socially-distant.

9. Craft a Few DIY Gifts

I have some ideas up my sleeve. Does anyone else gift DIY projects for the holidays?

10. Watch a New Christmas Movie

The key word here is new.

11. Donate a Box of items I no longer use/need (closet, kitchen, etc.)

12. Attend a Christmas Market

13. Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Cheesy-beezy here, but it’s another I have never done. Grab your spouse, your friend, your dog (or cat, or lizard), or even a mirror, and mucker-up right under the mistletoe for a little spark of Christmas tradition.

14. Take a Train Ride

If you are in Colorado or thinking of visiting for Christmas the train is such a fun, festive option. This year I am hoping to get tickets for Royal Gorge Route. With the snow covering the mountains I can imagine this trip is something special.

15. Capture a Few Epic Christmas Photos Around Town

What are your Holiday Bucket List items?

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