Exploring Historic Georgetown, Colorado | Day Trips from Denver

There are many pocket towns in Colorado that you’ll find to be perfect escapes from the city; Georgetown is one of those towns. Despite its specific charm during Christmas, when we explored the town, there is a little something for everyone to find in Georgetown throughout the year.

Today we will be exploring some of the histories of Georgetown and ideas for planning your own trip.

Georgetown Loop Railroad

Since its construction in 1884, The Georgetown Loop has been coined a rugged, romantic voyage into the Rockies for tourists and locals alike. The railroad is a historic landmark and, speaking personally, a treasured experience.

Thanks to the railroad excursions, Georgetown became a tourist hotspot in the late 1880s. The trains ran from Denver to Georgetown – the ride was considered a must-see, as it was one of the most scenic routes in Colorado, and round-trip tickets were affordable.

Our Experience

We had so much fun during our George Town Loop train ride. The train is known for its seasonal events; in the fall, they offer Leaf Peepin’ and Halloween rides, and in the winter, they offer a few Christmas-themed rides.

We went on the “Santa’s North Pole Adventure” ride. It was precious. The views were great, and although we don’t have children (which I highly recommend this train for children), we had a lot of fun.

History of Georgetown

Georgetown is 46 miles west of Denver (about an hour-and-a-half drive with traffic). The town sits at an elevation of 8,530 feet and carries the nickname “Silver Queen of Colorado.” This nickname stems from Georgetown’s vintage charm and lively history in the mining industry. One thing that makes the town’s history unique in vintage charm is well-preserved historic architecture.

In 1966, in recognition of the town’s well-preserved structures, the National Park Service named the town “Georgetown Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District.” The title also represents the surrounding areas, which are considered a model representation of 19th-century Rocky Mountain mining history.

However, the “Historic Landmark District” title would not be enough to preserve the town’s buildings and originality. So, as the expansion and development of areas surrounding Georgetown continued over the years, locals grouped together to save their town’s historical history and formed the Georgetown Historical Society (now known as Historic Georgetown, Inc.).

Over the years, Historic Georgetown, Inc. has been credited with preserving the history of their town through conservation, restoration, and promotion of historical and cultural-based events.

Learn more about the preservation efforts of Historic Georgetown, Inc | Here

As the Georgetown website describes, “visiting Georgetown means taking a step back through Colorado’s rich history,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Georgetown is a charming and quaint peek through the curtain of the past while also providing modern-day points of interest.

Highlighting Points of Interest

While the Georgetown Loop Trail is undoubtedly a highlight of our trip, we couldn’t get enough of the town’s Victorian-era atmosphere.

I consolidated a quick list of key historical spots you don’t want to miss:

  1. Hamill House Museum
  2. Hotel De Paris Museum
  3. Georgetown Firefighting Museum Alpine Hose No 2
  4. Georgetown Heritage Center | Cultural Art Events
  5. George Rowe Museum | School House 1894-1959
  6. Capital Prize Gold Mine Tours

The Hotel de Paris is probably the most unique and complete parcel of early Colorado History in Colorado. – Colorado Historical Society (1954)

Shops | Hiking Spots

Georgetown has a plethora of unique shops that sell locally curated items that embody the location’s history and visitors’ current interests.

The town is a fantastic place to shop for antiques.

Ophelia’s Antique Gallery has a gorgeous collection of antique jewelry and other wonderful finds (including the books listed photographed below).

One of my favorite stores, with Ophelia’s Antique a close second, is Sabel.

Sabel is a one-stop shop supplying local artists and craftsmen-designed products that are both one-of-a-kind and eco-friendly/sustainably produced.

The store is beautiful on the inside and out.

Whether you’re looking for a little something for yourself or someone else, this shop is a must-stop.

IG @sabel_home

Christmas Market

At its core, Georgetown is the perfect Christmas town. What brought us to Georgetown is the same thing that brings hundreds of visitors each year, the Georgetown Christmas Market.

Known as the “quintessential winter town event,” TravelMag ranks Georgetown’s Christmas Market in the Top 20 best Christmas Markets in the U.S

We attended the town’s 61st annual Christmas Festival, and it was everything it’s cracked up to be – with carolers, horse-drawn carriage rides through town, Christmas decors dressing the streets and storefronts, and a german pop-up market.

If you find yourself in Colorado during Christmas, you must add Georgetown to your visit.

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  1. I stopped in Georgetown this summer on my Colorado motorcycle ride. Charming place to get coffee / espresso and I loved the funky book store. My friends loved the Ice cream there too.

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