The 21 Degrees Estates Experience | O’ahu Hawai’i

About 21 Degrees Estates

21 Degrees Estates is a locally owned and operated chocolate and honey farm on the windward side of Oahu, Hawai’i.

The boutique cacao farm is family-operated by retired military veterans Michael and Maria Rogers. The Rogers family believe in giving back to the islands and the land, continuously working in environmental restoration, preservation, and planting native species on their over 9-acre `aina (land) since it’s purchase in 2014.

It is the 21 Degrees Estate’s mission to grow world-class cacao in order to make the finest, most scrumptious, chocolate – and let me say, mission accomplished!

Every year cacao production grows – since their first harvest in 2016 they have more than tripled production; that’s some happy cacao’s blossoming.

Perhaps it’s their dedication and hard work or maybe it’s good soul and climate, but if you ask me, it’s a combination of this hard work and the kuleana all the farmer’s of 21 Degree Estates take-on; the people of 21 Degrees Estate believe in the importance of malama ka `aina (taking care of the land). They understand it is more than just harvesting and production. It’s the spirit of the land that keeps the cacao alive, the chocolate delicious, and the people happy. Take a trip to the 21 Degrees Estate and feel the energy for yourself.

Tour the Farm

There are a variety of events that take place at 21 Degrees Estate, including a 2-hour tour which is offered to small groups of 20 people or less. The tour includes their famous chocolate tasting experience.

During your tour, you can expect to learn everything there is to know about growing cacao trees including the harvest and post-harvest process that goes into making the chocolate.

Learn more about the the 21 Degree Estate tours | Here

Farm to Table Brunch

Farm to Table Brunch offered by 21 Degrees Estate is one of the greatest treats you could ever give yourself.

Because it is truly farm-to-table locally-sourced brunch, the menu can vary depending on the season. During our visit, we were offered ‘olena pineapple refresher with tropical fruit kabob and an entree of choice: (sweet/vegetarian option) Hawaiian sweet bread french toast with cacao fruit syrup, spinach-egg frittata and fresh island fruit parfait with yogurt, granola, chia, cacao nibs and Kahala’u Gold honey; (the savory option) farm fresh egg frittata with cottage potatoes and locally-sourced breakfast sirloin steak.

Along with a delicious farm fresh, chef prepared meal, you will enjoy live music and a chocolate tasting flights!

Cacao Tea

Cocoa & Flow | Goat Yoga

Another event that is sure to bring joy to your day is “Cocoa and Flow”- a smooth goat-yoga flow followed by a farm tour. Also included in the cocoa and flow is a night-cap of farm-to-table pupu’s (small-portion meal) and, of course, a chocolate tasting.

Cocoa & Glow

*Note events that pair with the goat yoga can vary; during our visit we made fresh cacao scrub

Chocolate Tasting

All events infuse the 21 Degrees Estate signature chocolate tasting.

Similar to a wine tasting, Maria walks guests through the flavor profiles of each chocolate, teaching guests how to truly taste the chocolate. Each chocolate produced by the Estate is a dark chocolate of a variety of percentages, with some infused with flavors and flowers like ginger and lavender which pair and highlight the chocolate’s rich flavor.

What makes 21 Degrees Estate worth the visit?

It’s the little things, the details…

Micheal and Maria make everyone feel at home. They pay extra attention to every detail so you can truly relax and enjoy your experience.

Farm Harvested Ginger Tonic

Whether you are visiting the island of Oahu or are a resident, 21 Degrees Estate is a must.

Find all events for the 21 Degree Estate | Here

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