8 Quotes to Carry You Through 2021 (and beyond)

2020 was a disaster! Disaster is honestly an understatement. We have lived (and are living) through a time that will forever change us, and we did it together (in some sense or another).

For me, 2019 wasn’t much better. I was struggling through my own disasters; grasping and reaching for what brought me the most joy or inspiration.

One of the ways I have always worked through my own negative crap is by reflecting in others words. It helps me feel understood, and as a human in a very big world, “personal” struggles can sometimes feel isolating. Understanding there are others going through similar struggles, obstacles, and triumphs makes me feel connected. There is incredible power in words. They have the ability to both connect and divide us (I prefer the former).

Before 2020 began, I brought you guys “10 Quotes to Bring Into 2020” – who could have known 2020 would be the colossal mess that it was. If ever the time for inspiring things, it’s now! While we are all still healing, enduring, and just pushing on.

The following are words from influential people that I have collected during 2020. Enjoy!

Photo by Cleo Wade

I’ve shared mine, now you share yours!

What quotes, words of wisdom, or mantras resonate with you?

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