A Very Supernatural Workout + Binge Worthy Watch

Supernatural aired its pilot episode in September 2005, making it one of the longest running television shows in history. The show has quickly cultivated a large following with the leading roles of brother monster-hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, played by heart-throbs Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Reasons to Love

At first glance, Supernatural seems to be just a show highlighting the creature’s that nightmares are made of; but to many fans, it has become something far deeper. The chemistry between the on-screen brothers is powerful enough to hold the show together, but with fantastic supporting characters, this show is a captivating powerhouse for your next binge-athon.

As the show has evolved over the last 15 years, Supernatural has learned to embrace its own campiness.

It began in earnest, attempting to terrify the audience with creepy sets, serious dialogue, and dark imagery. However, while dealing in the realm of the supernatural, the showrunners quickly learned that the show couldn’t take itself too seriously. The tone became lighthearted and quirky, as its messaging moved from “spooky” to highlighting loyalty, family, bravery, and a dose of true heroism, weaved in between moments of laughter and comedy.

In a breakout episode, brothers Sam and Dean find themselves in an alternate universe where they are stars of a show, Supernatural, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Pure… Comedy… Gold.

The show has soldiered on, delivering moments filled with laughter, and those filled with tears, with a wide range of support from fans, spawning annual conventions that draw thousands. The series regulars and showrunners, feeling the time has come to end the show, began what turned into the penultimate season to a fantastic series. COVID-19 struck, and the ending that was planned was postponed, creating an interesting “15 1/2” season title, and allowing fans to hold-dear a bit more time with those on-screen characters.

Still, with 15-years of fighting demons, befriending angels, and battling God himself, fans are undoubtedly asking, how will it all end

Jared Padalecki, more commonly known for his on-screen role of Sam Winchester, stated in a recent podcast interview with Maria Menounos, “In 15 years I’ve thought a lot about how the show would end, and how I would like it to end, and that’s vacillated, and gone all over the place, but I’ll say now, a week and a half out, that I couldn’t be more happy with how it ended.” Padalecki continued with, “As a part of the show, obviously I had my opinions, and I vocalized them sometimes, but now that I know how it ends, and they’ve called ‘that’s a wrap’ on the series, I couldn’t be more proud.” 

The show may be coming to a close, but the family that is Supernatural will continue; and with Netflix hosting all 320 episodes there is plenty of binge material.

That brings me to the title card – partner your Supernatural binge with a little at home workout. I kept things pretty basic to each season (with no spoilers) so no matter what episode you’re on in the 15-season series you should be able to get a good burn on.

As far as how the story will conclude, find out for yourselves October 7, 2020 when the first of the final 7 episodes premiers on the CW.

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