25 Things I Learned in 25 Years

It’s been over a month since I turned 25 & what a time it has been.

I’m not sure if it’s my turning a quarter of a century-old or my recent move but I’ve been feeling notably nostalgic; looking back at all of my memories from the most recent to as early as I can recall.

So many great things have happened in my 25 years of life.

From moving to (and from) Hawai’i, getting my first big girl job, traveling to multiple countries & numerous breathtaking, perspective-altering, places in the U.S, graduating from college, mending old & creating new relationships, going to an Eminem concert & discovering myself, there is a lot to be thankful for.

Even with such notably extraordinary life events, there is always another side of the coin. From abusive relationships, break-ups, Losing my uncle, grandparents, & Dad, internal struggles, depression, misuse of alcohol & food, & truly facing the worst of myself, there are undoubtedly lessons to be had within experience.

With so many life lessons yet to come I am grateful for the opportunities & open to the encounters of my future.

I took some inspiration from fellow bloggers & decided to list my favorite lessons in, 25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years.

25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years

1. It’s okay to start over. It’s powerful to acknowledge what isn’t working for you & walk away.

2. Avoid taking things personally.

3. Uncertainty doesn’t indicate a lack of intelligence.

4. Baby goat yoga is worth the hype.

5. Having plants in your home makes your soul feel good. No really, its science. Plants can boost your mood, reduce stress, promote productivity & creativity. I believe in this %100. I never thought of myself as having a green thumb, but with a little research, trial & error (RIP to all those brave souls) I’ve managed to surround myself with thriving greens.

6. Sad days happen & that’s okay. In a world that is constantly posting only the positive, it’s sometimes hard to accept unhappiness or sadness. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be sad sometimes.

7. Loss is inevitable. The elements of life are more fragile than those creepy purslane dolls your grandmother had on her shelves.

8. Moving on doesn’t mean your love wasn’t real or valid.

9. Travel. The opportunities I’ve had to travel have been remarkably eye-opening & a privilege I am forever grateful for. I’ve learned to appreciate home. I’ve learned to appreciate the world.

10. Every person you encounter knows something you do not.

11. Perception is reality. Everyone’s perception will shape their reality & perspective. This simple saying can teach you to forgive easier & understand deeper.

12. When you let go of who you once were, you can move forward to who you want to be.

13. Eat well, but don’t be afraid of food. The key is moderation & listening to your body.

14. Forgive yourself. mistakes make you human. It’s okay to not love every choice you have made, but it’s not okay not to love yourself because of them. Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself.

15. Have manners… say please & thank you.

16. Coffee is AMAZING

17. Perfection isn’t the key to success

18. Manifestation is real.

19. Birthdays are as important as you want them to be.

20. Dogs, plants, & other creatures are the greatest gift. Be kind to all kinds.

21. Some people are toxic. Keep your distance. This is so important. I have spent time caring about what others thought when they didn’t matter. I have let people love (& I use that word loosely) me who did not deserve it. I’ve opened my life & myself to criticism, mistreatment & blatant abuse.

The biggest advice I can give is to learn who you are, what serves your life’s purpose & to love yourself. Once you do that, avoiding & identifying people who will hurt you becomes easier.

22. Self-care is a real thing that everyone should adopt, but the meaning is personal.

23. There are moments in your life you won’t believe belong to you. Cherish them all.

24. Work to become your own superhero & keep a list of people you admire.

25. Do what you love & learn to be content with what you have.

Which numbers do you relate to the most? What would be on your list?

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