Laptop Library

Laptop Library is a collection of personal essays, short stories, poetry, and other works – a portfolio of sorts – a collection of writing that you will not find in my usual blog content.

In All the Ways We Feel Loss

A cosmic quake seems to happen inside your body when you lose a parent. For me, it was more than the loss in the moment, but the loss in every future moment I had constructed for myself, in my imagination. A place where my Dad would be at my graduation from college; when I bought my first house; sharing new Eminem music and the excitement of Christopher Meloni returning to his beloved role as Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU (a reunion we never thought would happen); when life’s devastation hits, and joyous moments arise. For all the large-and-small and in-between moments, and things, and conversations, and laughs, and heartache, and joys, and for everything that now only exists in one place, within my memory and never in the future….

More Coming Soon

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