Tethered to Nature, Correspondence to Our Souls Connection with the Wild World

What’s more appealing to the eye?

Garnet-red blended brown flesh cracked against large stumps. Ancient beings rooted in old-earth and fresh soil. Towering pines of deep green contrast baby-blue skies while plush white clouds surf the air. They follow the sun in an orbit at a pace that surpasses its time.

What’s more appealing to the eye? And how lucky are we to have so much beautiful earth to choose from.

Do you listen to the trees? Attempt to hear their aged stories of an earlier world, a world not yet touched by your own existence? Not yet perceived by your thoughts. Something fresher and free of biases. The stories of truth and hardship, sunrises and bountiful visions.

The stories of the trees – if you take a moment, you can hear their peace. Feel their joys and their sorrows; they are eager to share with those who listen.

Melted snow avalanches down peak edge, falling from the sky and flowing through the cracks of towering marble mountains – a throne for earth’s goddesses. The forceful push and crash of water pervade the air with misted breath. Slashing veins of red, stripes of black faded to gray, and mirroring-bright white lines cover mountain walls. Fragments of molten magma build granite empires, compressed time-capsules of the world. Unwavering to human indifference – we climb mountains to try and conquer natural beasts.

Can you discover the things that bring the ting? The robust burst of caterpillars metamorphosing into butterflies in your belly? The familiar but fresh feeling when something new ignites your senses, when reality surpasses artistic imagination.

The sun breaks across the sky. It brings sunflower rays through pink clouds and across mountain skylines – a sorcery of the universe, a life beyond the cosmos, a meeting ground on our human-inhabited planet. When we break from daily life to witness these sorceries, we have a chance to feel small, to feel the unfamiliar. In these unfamiliar places, with these unfamiliar views, we can construct something new within ourselves. A foundation for gratitude and amazement.

To be amazed by the world lays the foundation. It’s the richest soil for gratitude within ourselves. Understanding the importance of gratitude in our lives is beyond a daily reflection; it’s beyond a self-care practice to be capable of recognizing and appreciating is seeing the world from a selfless eye.

How lucky are we to have the ability to find gentle delights in this fierce world? How lucky are we to find solace and connection within an uncontrollable forest? To feel most us in the natural environment, which does not ask us to be anything more.

Plush long-stemmed grass with warm yellow-hue, feather-light carried across waves of crisp air while remaining firmly grounded by the roots. On these thin strands of strong blades, butterflies, moths, bees, beetles, and beings beyond micro-size carry their life supply across the valleys.

How lucky are we to experience an in-grained connection to an untamable and vibrant existence beyond the safety of our man-made homes?

We climb, hand and foot, against giants. We move flat feet to paved grounds far distances to feel strong – primitive living appeals to our egos just as it does our souls. Remain connected, flesh to natural creation, but never forget your place in this great big world.

How lucky are we?

How lucky are we to be spoiled with the luxuries of the modern world, only adventuring out into this primitive way of being by choice. It seems to me, the ultimate privilege is choosing this life among the ancient oaks. To chase the lively solitude of nature. To have the ability to observe, to live wild, and then return to the comforts of four walls and silken sheets.

To observe the moss, a robust neon green glows fluorescent against the trees and dark brown forest grounds. Enjoy the benefits of its multi-cellular life force. Its rich lime cotton of mighty interwebs.

How lucky are we?

When we choose to chase lives beyond our comforts, how lucky are we.

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