Spiders Spiritual Symbolism | Journaling Prompt

Spiders freak people out, but perhaps we should put a pause on our fears and learn from these creative, fragile, magnificent creatures.

Spiders are creators. They traditionally represent feminine power and symbolize manifestation, patience, interconnection, and ancient wisdom. The spider has inhabited the earth for over 300 million years. They hold within their DNA all of the structures, secrets, and memories from the earths past. Each spider species and color can hold deeper, more specific meaning. So, today I will be sharing the general spiritual power of the spider and a journaling prompt that corresponds. 

Spiders are intelligent beings, they are capable of planning and strategizing; building their webs and making their homes in their most idyllic locations. Weaving their web requires patience and creativity. If portions of their web break, the spider will rebuild the damaged parts. The spider can remind us of our own power to manifest and rebuild when plans go awry. We can take from them their patient demeanor, understanding immediate gratification is not always the best outcome.

Journaling promp:

We can channel our fear or discomfort of the spider’s appearance through our journaling prompt today. When the spider arrives, we must understand it is time to confront our phobias/fears. These fears can be for the future, for the present, actual phobias we hope to overcome (like arachnophobia, wink, wink). It is important for us to understand that when we suppress our fears and don’t confront them they can resurface, preventing us from reaching our true potential. 

Take 2 minutes to answer each prompt (10 minute total):

  • Name your fears. Complete the following sentence: “I am afraid that . . .” 
  • “How does this fear affect my life?” or “how has it affected my life?”
  • Describe how this fear physically manifests within your body; sweaty palms, racing heart, rushing thoughts.
  • “What does my fear hope to accomplish?”
  • “What would my life look like without this fear?”

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