Hummingbird Spiritual Symbolism | Journal Prompt

Life has its own hidden forces which you can only discover by living.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Tiny beings to the eye, hummingbirds pack the power in positive energy. Some universal symbolism of the hummingbird include joy and healing. Busy little bundles, these beauties are always on the go. So, if a hummingbird makes themself known, we pay attention. The hummingbird spirit reminds us to honor the richness of variety and beauty within the world. Just as the hummingbird visits a variety of flowers, encouraging and producing blooms of all sorts, the hummingbird reminds us to refrain from the daily autopilot. They ask that we stop our routines and evolve in change and differences, rather than fighting against unexpected situations.

The hummingbirds harmonious, mutualistic relationship, has allowed for the species to co-evolve and flourish. It is their relationship with nature that represents health and healing. This relationship reminds us to be like the hummingbird, seek what truly nourishes us.

Journaling prompt:

Change is ambiguous, open for interpretation and fleeting if we do not set intentions. Write down any changes you have the power to bring to your life. Focus on the things that will foster a more nurturing, healthy, environment. These changes can be as big or small as you would like.

Then ask yourself:

  • “What would these changes mean for me?”
  • “What do I need to make these changes happen?”

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