Halloween Inspired Straw-boo-ries

Halloween Inspired Straw-boo-ries

Don’t let their complicated look trick you away from trying these treats. It’s all about fun, creativity here – really these guys are easier to make than it might look.

I loved the way Jason turned out. Using the flatter-fat strawberries was key. So precious! Also, you may be able to tell that my most favorite character is Ghost Face from Scream – I made about five of these before I did anything else.

Side note, I think these guys would be really fun to do Grinch strawberries for Christmas.

What you’ll need

Candy Melts – Colors; red, green, white, black
Shish kabob sticks
(optional) “Paint” Brushes
Parchment paper


Ramekins in a pan of bowling water worked very well for softening the Candy Melts. Just don’t let the water get too hot or the Candy Melt wont be smooth (they will burn and get lumpy).

If you jab the strawberry with a fork or kabob stick it makes it a lot easier to coat.

Once coated, let your imagination take over.

We used chia jam for the “blood” splatter, but food coloring would also work great.

Try these little straw-boo-ries for yourselves and comment your character ideas below.

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