Coconut Gravy with Almond Biscuits (Vegan Friendly)

The Biscuits

Disclaimer: I am not a baker. It’s not just that I don’t bake or that I can’t bake. It’s just, I can’t bake well. Ever. I’ve tried numerous times. The story always ends the same; a miss-attempt at what would, should, & probably was a simple recipe.

When I decided to bake my own whole wheat biscuits I was aware they probably wouldn’t come out the way I wanted them. Non the less, I tried my hand in a vegan almond flour recipe. Half concocted in my own mind & half borrowed from a recipe (linked bellow).

Here they are.

My little masterpiece biscuits.

If I am being honest, I’m not sure even qualify as biscuits. Despite their less than traditional look they tasted great! Otherwise I would not have bothered to include them in this post.

If you’re interested in trying for a more traditional biscuit I linked the recipe that I based mine off of.

Click here for a more basic biscuit.

The Best Gravy You’ll Ever Have

Looking back now I wish I would have snapped an image of the vegan sausage brand I used, but it’s in the video below. So if you want to get a look at what I used check that out.

Actually, you should check the video out anyway because it was fun to make & I love sharing this stuff with you guys.

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but this was by far some of the best gravy I have ever had.

Definitely a winner.

It is a family tradition to have biscuits & gravy on Christmas morning. In following that tradition, I can’t wait to cook this baby up. Yes, it’s summer & I’m already dreaming about Christmas.

Watch It Being Made

The Full Recipe

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