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Changing our perspective of “Body Positivity”

Body positivity has become a social movement. The concept encompasses the idea that human beings should focus on qualities they possess rather than those that are absent. The movement has influenced the way we view the physical body, but hasn’t completely changed our perspective on health. Furthermore, staying body positive is a task often easier said than done.

I think what’s being lost in translation between health and positivity is the idea a person should only be proud of their journey if their outer appearance matches the healthful choices they are making. The truth is, making the dedication to a ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ lifestyle does not guarantee supermodel, bodybuilder or otherwise outer physique results that we (sometimes) expect. The choices also don’t look the same for everyone.

There are many benefits that accompany intuitive health and I think the less discussed is the most important – the overall chemistry within the body.

What am I talking about here? Well, one personal example is when I went to a routine doctors appointment. During the visit my doctor could tell I’m a runner just based on the rhythm of my heartbeat. If that is not mind blowing miraculous evidence of the power we have in caring for ourselves I don’t know what is.

Being Candid

When I first began on my (for lack of a better term) health journey I was so engrossed in the hate I had for my physical appearance it took over a large part of my decision making.

I almost didn’t realize how truly sick I felt on the inside because I forgot what it felt like to feel good. That’s what really obstructed my ability to have a body positive perspective.

I think too often society puts a pressure on people; there is this impression drilled into our minds that healthy looks a certain way.

I can tell you depending on the angle I pose my body, camera or the lighting in the room, my body is illustrated in different ways. I could have a flat booty or a full figure, my abdominal muscles sometimes make an appearance or the ripple of cellulite can be seen on my tummy.

It took me years of choices that were better for me to shape my outlook and understand what it meant to love who I was/am. My focus has shifted from worrying about the way I look to just feeling good in my body. I believe there is a direct link between body positivity & the actions we take to nourish our souls.

Setting Goals & Looking Further

How do we continue loving ourselves even on days when our skin is broken out, our tummies aren’t to the size we would abracadabra into fruition, or we just feel icky.

To me the answer is simple, listen to your body & feed your mind.

Personally, my choice to maintain an active lifestyle is based around mental health. If I go too long without being physically active my mindset becomes negative and I’m actually more prone to grumpiness.

Still, as much as I am an advocate for the link between being active and a positive mind, I do not think that it’s the sole solution in the process of achieving a body positive outlook.

Choices should not only revolve around food and exercise, but should include activities that make you feel right as a human.

Our mind and our bodies are connection. If we look within and reflect on our needs we can better serve ourselves – that’s what intuitive health is all about.

I wrote down a short list of my favorite activities for nourishing the soul.

Click the link to customizable your own.

Body positivity is self love. The true nourishment is with fueling the passions that lie within us.

Let me know what you think, and share your soul nourishing list below.

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